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Eating for free in Paris? It is possible !

Eating for free in Paris? It is possible !


You have a little bit hungry or you want to taste a dish for free without spending a penny? Eating for free in Paris is possible! Here is a list of good places to eat for free.

Free appetizers in Paris are possible!

Bars and restaurants in Paris offer during all the yea a free appetizer before the main course:
L’Olive in the 18th arrondissement offers a free plate of chips for the order of a pint of beer during the Happy Hour.

Au Penty in the 12th arrondissement, an appetizer is served for a drink or a cocktail ordered.

– At the Culture Rapide in the 20th neighborhood a buffet of appetizer is served every Friday evening.

– In Lockwood in the 2nd neighboorhood, free appetizers are served from 6pm.

A complete free meal in Paris is possible!

– At the Trois Frères restaurant in the 18th neighborhood, you can enjoy a free couscous-merguez on Thursdays from 9pm.

– At the Tribal Café in the 10th neighborhood, you can enjoy a mussel-fries every Wednesday and Thursday evening from 9pm or a couscous every Friday and Saturday from 9pm.

– A balanced meal will be served at the Association l’Un est l’Autre every Saturday and Sunday as well as on Thursday evening at La Villette in the 19th neighborhood.

Le Bouillon Belge in the 20th neighborhood offers a free mussels meal on Wednesdays from 5pm.

– At the Grenier in the 11th neighborhood, a couscous is also offered on Friday and Saturday evenings.

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Eating in Paris is possible!


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