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Street art is part of Parisian culture. It is found on the walls and facades of the city while walking. Bars even adopt the style of street art in their decoration and galleries make it their business!

What to see in Paris and what neighborhoods with street art paintings are not to be missed?

The street art course in Ménilmontant

The district of Ménilmontant and Belleville in the 20th neighborhood of Paris is full of street art in the streets of Ménilmontant, the street des Petits Carreaux, the street of the Ermitage and also in the street Henri Noguères. They appear on the façades where the name of a street usually appears. From graffiti to more elaborate design there is something for everyone.

Good to know: The average height is 4 meters. Above this size, it is the building owners who must remove them, below the same size, the city is responsible for removing them.

The Street art and the street Denoyez

It is the street with the most street art designs in the city. All its walls are covered from top to bottom by graffitis! Very impressive ! Unfortunately an ongoing real estate project threatens the survival of this street and its neighborhood bars of the 20th arrondissement.

The Street art at the Butte-aux-Cailles in the 13th neighborhood

Works by artists such as Miss Tic and Jef Aerosol as well as unknown artists cover the façades of this district at the corner of the street of the Cinq Diamants, the street of Moulin des Prés for example in this insurgent historic district.

The Street art in the district of the canal de l’Ourcq

Graffiti is also visible in the 19 th district of Paris at the corner ofthe street Jean Jaures and the street de l’Ourcq. This is more banal graffiti such as representations of Darth Vader or birds …

Currently, it is the turn of the international artist Bansky to make his arrival in Paris !

For more information on neighborhoods to visit, contact the personal of our hostel.

The Unusual evenings in Paris: discover Paris by night differently


Paris is full of theaters, cinemas and bars in different neighborhoods. But what are the unusual evenings to discover in Paris? Here are some addresses of good plans to do to visit Paris otherwise.

Unusual shows and evenings in Paris

Every Friday and Saturday night between 10pm and midnight, the Galande Studio proposes the adaptation of the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show wich was released in 1975. The show is inspired by the film (actors disguised as the characters etc) and spectators are invited to participate at the show. The studio is in the fifth neighborhood and the ticket costs 11 euros.

Spend an unusual evening at the Vampire Museum! This museum is full of information and objects about vampirism and Dracula. It proposes an evening in the museum with visiting conference and a meal for about 30 euros. The evening takes place between 8 pm and 1 am in the Paris suburb Les Lilas.

Enjoy magic shows and free concerts at a bar called Les Cariatides in the 2nd neigborhood between 6pm and 4am. The plate of tapas is at 10 euros and the happy hours at 6 euros between 18h and 21h. The programming is different every day.

The unusual bars in Paris

Enjoy an evening in an ice bar in a -7 degree temperature called the Ice Kube. Located in a hotel, you are provided with a down jacket, gloves to spend half an hour in this icy atmosphere in the 18th nieghborhood. The half hour costs 38 euros and includes 4 cocktails with a part of vodka. You will also listen to electro music. The bar is open between 7 pm and 1:30 am.

Enjoy bare-chested barmen in a bar called Le Latin Corner in the 5th nieghborhood, open between 4 pm and 2 am and enjoy an exceptional show if you take the “server sperm” cocktail.

Enjoy spending time in an unusual bar with mangas and video games. The hot and cold drinks are unlimited and the first hour costs 3 euros. Themed evenings take also place. This bar is open until 10pm.

The bar “Urgence Bar” in the sixth neighborhood offers a hospital atmosphere with syringes and medicines among others. The cocktail costs 8 euros every Tuesday and Wednesday evening between 9pm and 11pm and on the first Thursday of each month you will have gifts and surprises.

For more unusual outlet addresses, visit the website sortie-insolite.fr

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The unusual museums of Paris


When you are visiting Paris, you have to visit the museums of the capital. But do you know what are the unusual museums of Paris not to be missed? Here are a few unusual museum addresses.

The unusual museums in the North of Paris

The Museum of Phonograph and of Sound History

It is located in Pigalle. This museum exhibits th gramophones and phonographs that have been used to record film music such as « Inglorious Basterds or « Minuit à Paris ». The objects are collected and preserved for 25 years. A museum not to be missed!

The Grévin Museum

In the 9th neigborhood, you will discover a place where there are over 200 wax characters and celebrities such as Ryan Gosling or Jennifer and Mika from the show the Voice or Mozart.

The Chocolate Museum

In the 10th neigborhood, you will discover the history of chocolate by meeting chocolate makers, by tasting chocolate, having fun with your family, playing with children and watching life-size sculptures 3 meters high in chocolate !

The Caves of the Louvre

It opened recently to the public in the 1st neigborhood. The museum of wine and its history proposes a course with one or more wine tastings (15 euros for one tasting or 19 euros for 3 tastings) or an assembly workshop.

Unusual museums in the South of Paris

The Museum of Natural History

It is located in the 5thneighborhood at the station Gare d’Austerlitz. you will discover everything related to prehistory and evolution. Life-size animals such as giraffes show you in an incredible universe.

The Museum of fairground arts.

It is located in the 12th neighborhood. You will be able to come back to the atmosphere of the funfair of the 19th century with among others a restoration workshop of carnival.

The catacombs of Paris

In the 14th neighborhood at the Place Denfert-Rochereau, you will discover the catacombs of Paris on an area of 11,000 square meters and its many bones from Paris cemeteries in the endless labyrinths. The ambient temperature is 14 degrees and the visit is not recommended for people suffering from cardiac and respiratory problems.

For more ideas of visits, do not hesitate to consult the site.

The catacombs of Paris


Among the Paris most unmissable visits, choose the catacombs of Paris for its atmosphere and its extraordinary visit. Here is a panorama of the origins of the catacombs of Paris and a description of the visit.

The history of the catacombs of Paris

The origin of the catacombs dates back to the 18th century. The name “Catacombs” refers to an ossuary linked to the catacombs of Rome, a name linked to a cemetery which is not far from there.

In the catacombs, you can discover the bones of more than 6 million Parisians! In the 1800s, personalities like François 1st or Napoleon went down to visit these catacombs, a visit to do.

The catacombs opened to the public in the beginning of the 19th century and attracted a lot of people.

It is a veritable underground labyrinth of 20 meters deep underground in old quarries. A timeless visit that can cause chills.

The visit of the catacombs of Paris

The tour begins with the 130 steps down to the underground galleries. You can discover the the Arcueil Aqueduct, the crossing of the lower catacombs, the entrance to the ossuary and the “Samaritaine” fountain.

The visit lasts 45 minutes on a one-way course of 2 kilometers. Audio guides are available in English, Spanish and German for foreign tourists for 5 euros.

It is an ideal visit during Halloween day because of its slippery floor, low light, narrow spaces and its temperature (14 °).
The catacombs are open from 10 am to 8.30 pm from Tuesday to Sunday and are accessible from the Place Denfert-Rochereau in the 14th neigboorhood. Guided tours in groups are possible during the week.

Please note: this visit is not recommended for people with respiratory problems. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information on the visit, visit the website: catacombes.paris.fr

Nocturnes in museums


When you are visiting Paris, it is use to visit museums.But did you know that it is possible to visit the museums at night or in the evening when most visitors are gone?

Here is a list of Parisian museums to visit at night or the evening during the year.

Visit the Parisian museums during the week

On Mondays: the Jacquemart-André museum and the Maillol Museum are open in the evening until 9.30 pm;

Tuesday: The Jeu de Paume Museum is open until 9 pm and the Cartier Foundation until 10 pm

On Wednesdays: the Louvre Museum and the Grand Palais are open until 10 pm. The Pinacotheque until and the Museum of the Hunting and the Nature until 9H30 pm. The Rodin Museum and the Henry Cartier Bresson Foundation until 9H45 pm

On Thursdays: the Museum of Modern Art and the Luxembourg Museum are open until 10 pm, the Musée des Arts et Métiers until 9.30 pm, 9.45 pm for the Musée d’Orsay or 23 pm for the Center Georges Pompidou.

Friday: The Louvre is open until 10 pm, the Musée Maillol until 9:30 pm and the Musée du Quai Branly until 9 pm.
Visiting the Parisian museums during the weekend

Saturday: The Jacquemart André Museum is open until 9:30 pm and the Quai Branly Museum is open until 9 pm.

Sunday: The Cinematheque is open until 8 pm.

Please note: during the European night of museums on 20 May, it is possible to visit many museums all night long.
For more addresses, please visit the site evous.fr

The nocturnes in the museums of Paris