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The capital is home to many streets and hidden streets at a street corner or in a quiet and shady area. Here are some hidden and secret streets in Paris to discover during a neighborhood walk.

Secret and hidden streets in the north of Paris

Villa Dietz-Monin is located in the 16th neigborhood and houses private villas and driveways with charming, human-sized houses.

At La Cité Pilleux in the 18th neigborhood at the La Fourche metro station, you will discover a small street with workshops on the ground floor and surmounted by a dwelling.

Also discover the Villa Léandres in Montmartre in the center of the 18th neighborhood, a shaded lane in a quiet and green, ideal place for all tourists.

The city Durmar in the district of Oberkampf is a small lost and flowered street lined with old workshops.

Secret and hidden streets in the south of Paris

The rue des Thermopyles in the 14th neighborhood is one of the most charming hidden streets, quiet and green at the same time.

The Crémieux street in the 12th district near Gare de Lyon station is an atypical and colorful street ideal for original photos.

Poplar Square in the 13th neighborhood is home to a triangle-shaped, green, country-like alley.

The passage Chantier in the 12th district near Bastille is one of the oldest streets which houses own some furniture stores among others …

The square of Montsouris is close to the Parc Montsouris in the 14th neigborhood and you will discover charming houses lined with ivy and wisteria. Artists such as Soutine and Foujita have lived there …

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