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The different places to go shopping in Paris


The different places to go shopping in Paris


While your stay in Paris, you can go shopping in one of the many commercial streets of Paris : in clothes’ shops and in specialized stores. Discover different places for shopping in Paris.

Where to go shopping on the Right Bank of Paris?

Shopping centers and big stores

In the neighborhood of Châtelet you will find two large places for shopping.

1. The BHV in the Marais is a place that sells fashion accessories, designer clothing, cooking utensils and cultural objects.

2. The underground gallery at Les Halles offers a variety of shops selling clothes, shoes, books, cooking utensils, jewelry and beauty and perfumery (Sephora, Bourgeois for cosmetics and Minelli and San Marina for Shoes for example).

GOOD TO KNOW: the gallery has been recently renovated, you will discover its new architecture outside and new shops and restaurants to eat.

Further North in the neighborhood of Saint-Lazare you will find the famous store the Printemps and the Galeries Lafayette which offer the same types of items as the BHV. The Galeries Lafayette also offers food products.
Neighborhoods with specialty shops for shopping in Paris

The Franc-Bourgeois street in the Marais purposes various trendy clothing stores such as Zadig and Voltaire or Mellow Yellow. You will also find cosmetic products from the Bobby Brown or Kiehl’s brands.

The street of Rivoli offers traditional stores such as Promod, Yves Rocher, Bocage, Sephora or Mango.
The street Saint-Anne on the side of the Pyramides district is full of shops of Japanese products.
The Saint Pierre market at Barbès offers many fabrics and accessories for sewing.

Where to go shopping on the Left Bank of Paris?

The shopping centers of the Left Bank of Paris

The shopping center Italie 2 in the south of Paris has traditional brands such as Promod, Camaieu, Zara and Fnac, and offers food shops such as Kusmi Tea or fruit juice stands (Zumo) by example.

The Beaugrenelle shopping center in the 15th neighboorhood offers less conventional stores: Hollister, Sandro, Tommy Hillfiger …

Neighborhoods with specialty shops for shopping in Paris

The rue de Rennes in the sixth neighborhood invites you into the traditional clothes shops (Naf Naf, Pimkie, Zara, Etam …) and offers some atypical boutiques (toys store, plastic accessories).

Not far from there, in the boulevard Saint-Germain, there are shops of the brands Sisley, Carroll, Bruce Fields.
To find more addresses go to www.guideduparisien.fr
Where to go for shopping in Paris ?

Eating for free in Paris? It is possible !


You have a little bit hungry or you want to taste a dish for free without spending a penny? Eating for free in Paris is possible! Here is a list of good places to eat for free.

Free appetizers in Paris are possible!

Bars and restaurants in Paris offer during all the yea a free appetizer before the main course:
L’Olive in the 18th arrondissement offers a free plate of chips for the order of a pint of beer during the Happy Hour.

Au Penty in the 12th arrondissement, an appetizer is served for a drink or a cocktail ordered.

– At the Culture Rapide in the 20th neighborhood a buffet of appetizer is served every Friday evening.

– In Lockwood in the 2nd neighboorhood, free appetizers are served from 6pm.

A complete free meal in Paris is possible!

– At the Trois Frères restaurant in the 18th neighborhood, you can enjoy a free couscous-merguez on Thursdays from 9pm.

– At the Tribal Café in the 10th neighborhood, you can enjoy a mussel-fries every Wednesday and Thursday evening from 9pm or a couscous every Friday and Saturday from 9pm.

– A balanced meal will be served at the Association l’Un est l’Autre every Saturday and Sunday as well as on Thursday evening at La Villette in the 19th neighborhood.

Le Bouillon Belge in the 20th neighborhood offers a free mussels meal on Wednesdays from 5pm.

– At the Grenier in the 11th neighborhood, a couscous is also offered on Friday and Saturday evenings.

To benefit from more good plans and addresses, go to parisinfos.com.
Eating in Paris is possible!


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Summer is the ideal period to visit and discover Paris enjoying the fresh air. Here are some ideas of excursions and visits to discover paris while enjoying the fresh air.

Discover Paris by foot and enjoy the fresh air

Different walking in the summer are a good mean to discover Paris. You can thus discover the banks of the Seine by walking on the pedestrian ways. From the Pont Marie metro station to the Louvre, you will discover some of the great historical monuments of Paris: the Pont des Arts, the Palais de Justice and the Louvre. Take a break at the terrace of one of the ephemeral bars on the right bank and enjoy the view of the Seine and its boats in the sun.

The Fresh Street Art tour of Paris invites you in the Marais, Ménilmontant or in the 13th neighboorhood to discover the Street Art of Paris. The visit lasts 3 hours and takes place in the late morning or in the early afternoon and costs between 10 and 20 euros.

Discover Paris by boat enjoying the fresh air

Make a trip on the Parisian flying boats and discover several historic bridges and monuments of Paris such as the Orsay Museum, the Alma Bridge, the Effel Tower or the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. The departure takes place at the Pont de l’Alma at the Port of the Conference and the cruise costs 13,50 euros between April and September for an adult and 6 euros for children who are under 14 years old.

Similarly you can opt for dinners or lunch on cruise ships all for about 60 euros for lunch for one person or 99 euro for dinner.

Discover Paris by bus enjoying the fresh air

Enjoy to visit Paris at the top of panoramic bus such as the Big Bus or the Open Tour. The first takes you to the north of Paris in the Montmartre district or in the heart of the capital to discover the main monuments (Opéra Garnier, Champs Elysées …).

The second offers 4 different circuits in the northern districts or eastern Paris for example. The rate for a day of bus ride for an adult is 33 euros with a bus every 15/20 minutes in summer time.

To discover other ideas of outdoor visits, go directly to parisinfos.com
Discover Paris while enjoying the outdoors.


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Paris and its theme parks

parc d'attraction

The theme parks are trendy. Whether for a weekend or during school holidays you can visit and enjoy the attractions with your family or your friends. Discover Paris and its theme parks.

The theme parks accessible during all the year in Paris

Disneyland Paris is the theme park which is the biggest and best known. It is located in Paris’ suburb in Marne la Vallée. This park is for young and older people. It invites you into the feeric Disney’s world with its attractions, restaurants, shops and parades. You will meet during your walk in the park actors disguised into your favorite Disney’s characters. The entry costs 40 euros for a child and 47 euros for an adult.

The Playmobil funpark is a huge playground for children on 2000 m2 which is located in Fresnes. Children can play with plenty of playmobil. There are 11 playgrounds divided by universes: Princess’ castles for girls, castles with dragons for boys, the universe of tractors, farm, dinosaurs … The entrance is very affordable : free for the children under 3 years and 3 euros for the children who are more than three years.

Ephemeral theme parks in Paris

The Parc Asterix takes place from 1st April to 5th November 2017 and is located in the Paris’ suburb in Plailly. In the same way as Disneyland, you can discover the universe of Asterix and Obelix and its 37 attractions and shows. Note that this year a new carousel is accessible which is called the Pegasus Express. The price of the entry cost 41 euros per child and 49 euros for an adult (free for children under 3 years old).

Adventure land is an adventure park on 17 hectares with 30 attractions and 300 games in the trees. It is also accessible from April 1st to November 5th and is located in the Oise. The price is 15,50 euros for the children who are between 4 and 8 years old and for people who are more than 60 years. It costs 23 euros for the children who are more than 8 years.

France miniature is located in the Seine and Marne at 20 minutes from Paris. You can discover in miniature on 5 hectares the most beautiful monuments and landscapes of France. It takes place over the same period as the previous parks and offers a price of 15 euros for the children between 4-14 years old and 21 euros for the adults as well as a free entry for the children who are less than 4 years old.

The Throne Fair is located inside Paris and opens its doors from Marc to May. This fun fair offers 350 attractions and 80 rides. It welcomes around 3 million visitors each year. The entry is free for everybody.

The Sea of Sand is a family theme park that takes place from April to October and is located in the forest of Ermenonville. It gathers three different universes: the pioneers and the conquest of the West, the Jungle and the Desert. You will discover thirty attractions and live shows for a price of 19,50 for children from 3 to 11 years and 25 euros for children over 12 years old.

The Jardin d’acclimatation is held from 4th to 19th February and is located in the 16th neighbourhood of Paris. It offers workshops, equestrian courses, magic shows… You can also visit the zoo. The entry is also free for everybody.

For more information on timetables and prices, please visit www.sortiraparis.com

Paris and its theme Parks



Paris is known for being one of the most romantic cities in the world. You can walk together in the city or eat a romantic dinner, stay in romantic places. Discover the different romantic places in the capital.

Romantic restaurants in Paris

You will find some good addresses of restaurants for a romantic meal :
– The restaurant Lapérouse in the 6th neighbourhood on the banks of the Seine. It offers an idyllic place to meat a meal for two people. This renowned restaurant offers dishes around 35 euros and organizes evenings for receptions.
– Le Moulin de la Galette is an old mill transformed into a renowned restaurant and is located in the 18th neighbourhood, at Lepic street.
– The luxurious Mollard brewery is located in the St Lazare area and offers tables in a place where you will discover ceramics and mosaics.
– Le café de Flore in the 6th neighborhood is also a place to discover where artists and intellectuals are used to going there.

Romantic walks in Paris

L’île de la Cité and l’île Saint Louis are perfect for romantic walks hand in hand. Not far from there, you can find also the Pont des Arts and the Pont de l’Archevêché, meeting places for all couples.

Besides, at the Place des Abesses, there is the “I Love You” Wall. These words are written in 280 different languages.

At the stations Bourse and Grands Boulevards, you will discover covered walkways and galleries from the Belle Epoque style such as the Galerie Vivienne or the Passage of the Panorama.

Romantic museums in Paris

The best museum to visit is the Museum of the Romantic Life in the Pigalle district. This place is perfect to meet quietly in a garden where you will find a tea room open from March to October. You can also attend readings and concerts and visit temporary and permanent exhibitions.

There is also the Museum of Victor Hugo on the Place des Vosges. You will visit its apartments and its huge library accessible to the public.

The most beautiful romantic views in Paris

You can also go on the roofs of the most beautiful monuments of Paris to contemplate a sunset on a summer evening or a breathtaking view of Paris.

The roofs of the Georges Pompidou Museum in the center of Paris, the Tour Montparnasse in the 14th neighbourhood or the Basilica of the Sacré Cœur in Montmartre offers a wonderful view of the capital.

To discover more romantic places, go to aloha.fr or on the website of the Paris Tourist Office.

Paris is the romantic capital

Fête de la musique in Paris

fête de la musique

For the last 35 years in France, the 21st June is not just the longest day of the year but also the day of the fête de la musique. This “festival of music” is no ordinary festival. Created in France in 1982, it has been taken up by neighbouring countries where it has been just as successful. Music takes over the city’s streets, with live bands, singers, amateur musicians, drummers, DJs and so on scattered throughout the city, expressing themselves through music and inviting the crowd to enjoy themselves.

For its 35th edition, the Fête de la Musique fills the streets with music on the theme ‘music is more powerful than’. Well-known and upcoming artists fill streets, museums, gardens, bars, restaurants and churches in Paris and play all types of music for the public. A snapshot of not-to-be-missed concerts for this 2016 edition:

  • The Saint Eustache 36-hour festival
  • Orchestre de Paris at the Pyramide du Louvre
  • Oriental rock at the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme
  • Electro party at Montmartre

Source : Parisinfo.com

Paris welcomes in the summer to the sound of music ! See the full programme on the website of the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication : culturecommunication.gouv.fr