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Animated window displays of the Parisian department stores


Animated window displays of the Parisian department stores


Clothing and perfumes of Parisian department stores aren’t the only things that attract the public. Their store windows along the busy avenues attract crowds of people each year including amused onlookers and truly impressed tourists. Although animated window displays are visible all year, it’s at Christmas that they really shine. Below, you’ll find the ones not to be missed. Continue reading “Animated window displays of the Parisian department stores” »



Parisian gastronomy is present in all the good Parisian restaurants and brasseries. You will taste various cheeses, dishes, pastries and other entries.

Here is a panorama of the various foods that make up French gastronomy and Parisian know-how.

Cheeses from Parisian gastronomy

There are a hundred Parisian cheeses including Brie which was created in an agricultural region of the east of Paris. You will also find Coulommiers, the chevru, the pavement of Doue and the Fontainebleau used for the cake of the same name.

Fruits and vegetables in Parisian gastronomy

There is a wide variety of Parisian fruits and vegetables. The mushroom of Paris is a symbolic vegetable of Paris. At the end of the 19th century, more than 300 producers cultivated the mushroom of Paris on a total of 1000 tons annual in 1875. It is produced in the suburbs and in Paris until 1895. It seems that the real mushroom of Paris is grown in the cellars on layers of limestone …

The cherry of Montmorency is also symbolic of Parisian gastronomy.

Meats and dishes in Parisian gastronomy

Poultry is also part of Parisian cuisine, a specialty formerly served at the Court of Louis XIV. We will also highlight the pig belonging to the traditional ham of Paris. As for charcuterie, we will find the sausage of Paris with garlic and spices. Meats are used in traditional dishes such as beef stew, roast rib and black pudding from Paris.

Breads and pastries in the Parisian gastronomy

Among the Parisian breads, you will find the famous baguette as well as Briare bread and Vexin bread and the croissant.

Among the pastries, you will find the Bourdaloue pie, the saint-honore, the opera, the brioche of Nanterre, the millefeuille, the financier made for the majority with dough with cabbage. These pastries for the most part were designed by a great Parisian chef Marie-Antoine Carême precursor of pastry and confectionery …

Traditional Parisian dishes

The traditional Parisian dishes that can be mentioned are the onion soup, the eel matelote, the croque-monsieur …

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The Rooftops do not run all the roofs in Paris but more and more Parisian bars are inspired by New York fashion and we find more and more rooftops rooftops with a magnificent view of the capital around Paris. ‘a glass.

What are the Parisian rooftops to miss under any circumstances?

Paris rooftops north of Paris

The rooftop Paris Mama Shelter in the 20th arrondissement is a colorful place with its banquettes and parasols printed with a table football and a ping-pong table where you can bask as on the beach. This place is open from 10am to 19pm from Monday to Friday.

The perch of the marsh at the top of the BHV houses under its 250 square meters of seat terrace wood to enjoy the summer time. You will also enjoy guacamole and other charcuterie. This place is open Monday to Saturday from 8pm to 2am (9pm Saturday).

The Perchoir de l’Est is on the rooftops of the station Gare de l’Est and offers a magnificent view of the 10thneighborhood. It is open from Monday to Friday from 18h to 2H and from 16H to 2H on weekends.

Paris rooftops south of Paris

The rooftop Communion (formerly Nuba) is located on the rooftop of the City of Fashion and Design in the 13th neighborhood. You will enjoy a musical program at the top and a street food to share everything under the stars and overlooking the Seine!

The rooftop of the lounge bar view in the 15th neighborhood on the rooftops of a Novotel hotel is rather sober and quiet with tables and low armchairs overlooking the Effel Tower and open daily from 5pm to midnight.

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When you visit Paris there are many places not to be missed including the famous Parisian passages mostly hidden and located in the North of Paris.

Here is a sketch of the most beautiful Parisian passages to visit and not to be missed.

The most beautiful Parisian passages of the 2nd neighborhood.

The Cairo Passage is the oldest since it dates back to the 18th century and is the longest and tightest of all. You will find mainly outlets.

The Choiseul passage connects the rue des Petits Champs to rue Saint Augustin. With its 190 meters long, it is the longest. Writer Louis Ferdinand Céline even lived there at the end of the 19th century.

The Colbert Gallery is the property of the National Library of France. It houses the National Institute of the Arts and the National Heritage Institute.

The passage of Grand Cerf has a glass roof that overlooks it with several shops of craftsmen and creators.
The passage of princes meanwhile was inaugurated in 1860 and was destroyed in 1985 and was rebuilt.
The Vivienne gallery is the most elegant with its glass roof and mosaics on the ground.

The most beautiful Parisian passages in the rest of northern Paris.

The passage Véro-Dodat in the 1st district of Paris is in the street Jean Jacques Rousseau and in the street of the Bouloi. On the ground the black and white tiles give an impression of depth.

The passage Molière meanwhile is located in the 3rd neighborhood and is covered at its ends. The numbers of the passage do not respect the traditional Parisian order.

The passage Jouffroy is located not far from the museum Grevin in the 9th district and is made of metal and glass except the decorative elements made of wood.

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Parisians have always had a bad reputation whether in the provinces or abroad. Known for being in a hurry, distant, impolite, the city of Paris is positioned in 4th place of the least welcoming cities behind Johannesburg, Cannes and Moscow according to an American magazine “Condé Nast Traveler”.

But why do Parisians have such a bad reputation?

The quality of reception of Parisians towards foreign tourists

Parisians are famous for their lack of warmth and a neglected welcome. According to tourists, it is rare to find people available in the capital to guide them, help them whether on the street or at the airport example. Similarly in Paris museums, the staff is cold and remote ordering to open his bag and mount his ticket …

Courtesy is another black point of the painting. Few Parisians apologize after jostling a person in a hurry in transport or in the street again.

Tourists and provincials thus depict a negative image of Parisians while everything is more playful and warm abroad.

But are the Parisians really so distant and unpleasant as it is said?

This same American magazine affirms that the attitude of the Parisians is nevertheless in progress compared to before. Some tourists claim to have been badly welcomed 50 years ago and find the Parisians nicer now.

The opinion is therefore variable depending on whether it is an Irish student or a Korean tourist for example. You will always find one or more people cold and distant and a person welcoming and warm, otherwise why Paris would be one of the most visited cities in the world ?

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